What is the full form of BTC ?

BTC- Bitcoin

BTC is a kind of decentralized cryptocurrency works on the blockchain technology to transfer digital currency to anyone without involving any third party service. BTC stands for Bitcoin abbreviation: BTC; sign: ₿

As we use USD(United states dollar) Sign for the dollar $ currency, similarly we use BTC suffix to represents the Bitcoin currency

Price of 1BTC to INR(Indian Rupees)

On the basis of bitcoin supply and demand, its value is determined. We are going to share you the last five year record chart of bitcoin value hike and drop from the below google bitcoin chart

11 nov 2022 bitcoin chart

What is the future of Bitcoin(BTC)?

From the world economic expert debate and suggestions we conclude that BTC has no future as it affects the earning of the bank(in form of TAX). Many illegal transactions takes place through bitcoin currency globally.

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