What is the full form of AI ?

AI- Artificial intelligence

Baically AI stands for Artificial intelligence means machine has capabilities to think like human and take decession like human and can also make wise decession like human during any given task.

Types of AI

In the field of technology and in technical language we can say that there are 4 types of AI which are these as follow:

  • Reactive Machines
  • Limited Memory
  • Theory of Mind
  • Self Aware

Disadvantages of AI

Each and everything has its advantage on the other hand it has disadvantage also. so similarly AI has many disadvantages in the future.

  • The cost of AI is very high, it requrire very heavy devices.
  • Programmers required to create the AI softwares are very rare.
  • In the future AI robots will be able to complete the human work and lead to serve unemployment.
  • After gathering lots of knowledge(good or bad) machine(robots) can easily lead to destruction of nature and human.

Examples of AI tools

We would like to share some of the basic AI tools so that online freelancers and business owners can easily manage their small growing business for free

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