What is the full form of ONDC ?

ONDC- Open Network for Digital Commerce

Open Network for Digital Commerce (ONDC) is an kind of online system that helps small retailers to grow their business and get the equal chance to make sales on big e-commerce gaint like Flipkart, Amazon.In the other language exchange of goods and services on multiple e-commerce store at same time.

ONDC is a non-profit private company from Banglore which works in many categories like restaurants and groceries etc.It is almost similar to UPI payment system.

Which countries accepts ONDC?

This is the very common question of local customers and retailers that where we get the access of ONDC products? No worry, ONDC gave the license to Mystore, PayTM, and Spicemoney so that customers can enjoy their shopping.

Register as an retailer on ONDC

ONDC is a open network for all the retailers and get the registration information from the official website of ONDC.

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